The Artinside Gazette is the art magazine by Artebinaria, curated by Maddalena Grazzini: art historian, art curator and art director of Artebinaria.

The online magazine contains interviews with the artists featured in “Artinside Gallery” – the first art gallery without walls in augmented reality – critical reviews of selected artists and reports all the latest news from Artebinaria’s augmented reality applications, dedicated to the world of modern and contemporary art.

Maddalena Grazzini

Art blossoms eveywhere.


Art is her greatest passion. She doesn’t like Art, she loves Art.

She graduated cum laude in Art History at the University of Florence.

Over the years she has specialized in the field of technology applied to art, researching and bringing into being different ways to convey and promote contemporary art and art history through the most avant-garde technologies.

Since 2018 Maddalena Grazzini is a Member of International Selection Committee of Florence Biennale. She is the curator of Artinside Museum and Artinside Leonardo and with Artebinaria and its founder, Alessandro Bemporad, she researches and promotes the perfect synergy between technology, art and its audience.

Maddalena Grazzini is the editorial director of “The Artinside Gazette”.


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