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New features in Artinside Gallery v. 5.0

Introducing Geo Galleries and Geo Pavilions

Artebinaria is excited to announce the release of version 5.0 of “Artinside Gallery+”, which introduces some very important new features: Geo Galleries and Geo Pavilions.

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What are Geo-Galleries?

Starting in May 2022, Artinside Gallery will open its own augmented reality locations in the physical world, in stunning locations around the globe. Each Geo-Gallery contains 5 exhibition rooms, which can be assigned to a single artist. 

Within the area assigned to a Geo-Gallery all the other Pavilions present in Artinside Gallery, geo-referenced or not, are not visible. 

Where are the official Artinside Geo-Galleries located?

On 9 May 2022 the first two official Artinside Geo-Galleries opened at Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, and in Place Vendôme in Paris. Other locations will be released over time.

What are Geo-Pavilions?

A Geo-Pavilion is an Artinside Gallery Pavilion that is geo-located in a specific area of the physical world, during the first 15 days of the exhibition. Within this area only one pavilion is visible, excluding all other pavilions in Artinside Gallery. The activation area of a geo-pavilion has a maximum radius of 100m around its central point.

Why activate the Geo-Pavilion?

By activating a Geo-Pavilion, artists can create special events, a “digital vernissage“, providing their visitors with an exclusive augmented reality experience. The Geo-Pavilions can be activated in the first 15 days of the exhibition of the Pavilion.

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