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Interview with Petra Ulrich-Neis

Petra Ulrich-Neis (Germany) talks to us about her art, answering 10 questions, using the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why).

Art represents the “Zeitgeist” of a society.

Petra Ulrich-Neis


Who are you?

I am an Artist…a woman…..I’m German. A longtime of my youth I lived in Italy. Some of my pictures are in America and all over Europe. Life shows me as Facit:That each topic does the next if it matches it is going to be oval or round.

Who are your favourite artists?

Leonardo Da Vinci…Michelangelo…Beuys…Richter…


What themes does your art focus on?

Nature and Chaos…Fraktale…cellule…interactive it seems to be a form of rapport and each part is unico because it changes in its context if the visitor changes position or the light changes and  so goes on in little different ways and  it’s going to ‘sviluppa’ a whole world in movement or ‘Augmented’.

inside and outside because… without my Inside.There is no outside.The outside is not only a reproduction of what I think to see, it’s also what I feel. It’s me. What’s my experience…it’s a collection from “time, light & shadows liberato” in a way of Brain-storming…. 

You can read  it like a Book. You have to take Your times’ if  you are interested looking inside…the Colors and Forms.  “astrattismo” use a speak called ‘free’ we talk about “fenomeni non lineari” di spiritualità, transcendenza, the pure color of light. Which makes everything livery. That seems to be to me my augmented reality.

If it works, if it talks (the pictures) I think you can find a new world inside never goes to be boring.

Each day you will find a different picture.

What is your hallmark as an artist?

I think it’s the way of seeing in world binaria without “beginning or end” in tiny little Forms like seeing with a microscope with a lot of colours a lot of different perspectives that the visitor remembers. Panta rhei. (Full of color and Forms )

What music or other audio do you listen to while you work?

I can work everywhere, it doesn’t matter. Don’t need music for work. I can really concentrate. I’m in a Flow…lots of brakes does not matter when I’m drawing. …for oil pictures need sun and better no brakes.  One of my intentions was to express ‘times’.


When did you decide that art was part of you and your life?

When I went to the Saint Stephens School. I started with figuratives copies Freihand from the ‘great ones’ I was a Teanager. In the S.ST.School in Rom, I was the Student from the Italian Artist Manlio Guberti-Helfrich, he found that I have talent….there started my wish to express myself with colors and Forms and each Form of creatività.

Years later I made some esperienza that showed me ,that I have to do  everything on my own, I showed my Teanager drawings, and The Dozent Prof. thought that I didn’t draw it. That it’s not my work. I felt very bad so bad that I never went there any more. That was too much for me. I started to work on my own.


Where do you work on your artwork?

Everywhere  also in a Museo (national in Rom) or in a Caffe, in a Bar,  nel Restaurante, at home in Germania or by friends in Italy. Everywhere when I was alone downtown (this is for the drawings.) I wanted to have different rituals per pictures to Olio and drawings  I start with the Oil pictures in the afternoon if there is a sunny day…I paint after a week of thinking or more…very fast,…at 15.25 in the afternoon ( ‘the time’  I was born)…I paint very quickly. The Drawings, I do everywhere if they are small…I like it very much to draw at night and I need a lot of ‘time’ to finish a larger one.

Where would you like to see your artworks exhibited?

oh..I didn’t think about it…only to project them outside or inside at houses or in rooms wall, allover.


Why do you make art?

It’s my passion, my way of thinking, to create something…to be…to express myself…(whatever is myself)…to love life.

Why do you think art is important in our society?

Sometimes People are happy to see the world in pictures around them with different Eyes or to feel what they had forgotten…to have a lifery society.

To be alive. With all the possibilities of what Arte in each form from music dance opera Teatro. Everyart  makes life simpler (emotionally) and emphasis and colorful and opens Visionen, (this shows the difference between artificial intelligence and us) Art represents the “Zeitgeist” of a society.

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