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Carole Bécam Art Review

Maddalena Grazzini, art director of Artebinaria, presents the French artist Carole Bécam.

Carole Bécam’s paintings are the pictorial expression of cosmic breath, and the gateway to a profound and unprecedented dialogue between the creative force of the artist and the viewer. 

The canvas is the space used by the French artist to create an entity, pervaded by a particular vital breath, in which opposites coexist, merge, but are not mutually exclusive: the yin element intertwines with the yang element, sound and noise blend with silence. 

The darkness of the blue and greys are alternated with bright colours such as red, blue, green and golden yellow, which seem to break through the two-dimensional space of the canvas, creating a connection between the individual and the invisible surrounding world.

The observer may be dazzled by the explosions of colour and matter that dominate Carole’s works, but they are nothing more than gateways and portals that invite the receptive observer to venture onto new paths, seeking his or her own potential, strength and wholeness, in harmony with the universe.

In Carole Bécam’s works, the aspect of density and matter, arising from the use of oil colour, is harmoniously intertwined with lightness and momentum, conveyed by the bold pictorial sign of the brushstrokes emerging from the background: expressions that best represent two opposing aspects, two aspects of a single force, the expressive polarity of the artist’s creative force.

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