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Maddalena Grazzini, art director of Artebinaria, presents Carolina Ramonde.

In her paintings, Carolina takes the viewer inside the astonishing cycle of life, using both swirling circular brushstrokes and fragmented strokes.

The events of contemporaneity are filtered through the eyes of the artist, who uses color as a fundamental evocative element, and enhances it in a figurative synthesis, where each element is well balanced and carefully studied in all its details.

Carolina, a keen scholar of symbology, has chosen the snake, or more precisely the Ouroboros, to represent the continuous cyclic flow of events, where creation and destruction, freedom and captivity, death and rebirth alternate.

The representation of contemporary events (such as Hurricane Dorian, the storming of the US Capitol) and social issues (such as war and migration), is combined with images of evocative landscapes, with their naive colors, where, for a while, the soul seems to find peace, calm and serenity in this exhausting succession of events.

Maddalena Grazzini

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